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We provide innovative and high added value engineering services because of our personal involvement in every project. That's why we carefully select the projects that are assigned to us.


We are informed daily about the latest trends, we constantly train ourselves and use the latest tech's tools and gadgets in every aspect of our job - from the design to the construction.


We use innovative software of our own design, specially built for our services, achieving complete process automation. Being one of the first paperless offices in Greece, we save time, provide security and speed in processing data and see results and customer satisfaction, while reducing our environmental footprint, as a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility.


Finally, we firmly believe that great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people*. For that reason we have created an expanded network of selected partners in Greece and abroad that understands and applies the same codes of ethics, values ​​and communication that dimitris gerasis engineering has dedicated and serves with loyalty.


*Steve Jobs, 1955-2011


We design, manage and construct high requirement technical projects. We are confident about the perfection of our job because of our huge experience, a selected clientele of well-known brands in Greece and abroad and dozens of on-time delivered projects.


We use special software made by us, tailor made for each project. That's why we deliver our projects with time precision and accurate cost prediction.


We have developed the ability to solve unpredictable situations immediately. Our infrastructure is capable of meeting the requirements of the most complex project. We use tools from the leading equipment companies worldwide. You can see it from the excellent construction results.

We literally know every project's smallest detail.


We have passion with perfection.

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First in Europe, we created, implemented and provide our special service sell your brand easier, or, in other words the creation of mini films with their own, unique scenario, in which we show the construction phases of a new project.

We use state-of-the-art cinematic equipment and unique filmmaking techniques, within a project that is constantly changing in every minute, under very demanding and difficult conditions and strict deadlines. We dedicate endless hours of processing the produced material and we "distillate" the whole construction in impressive short films.

sell your brand easier is the most important part of our general perception of what branding means. It is our top service, many levels above what  classic engineering services mean,  upgraded always by us, such as the selection, testing and approval of a new space, the architectural  approach, diorama construction etc. 


We are certified infrared thermographer engineers in accordance with the American Society for Nondestructive Testing document SNT-TC-1A, provided by the American Infraspection Institute. We use the latest thermal imaging equipment, leak and humidity detectors, endoscopic inspection cameras to access enclosed areas,  environmental meters etc.

In a few words, using state-of-the-art instruments, we can identify problems in structures and equipment that are not visible to the human eye.​

As an essential part of engineering, Non Destructive Testing is an excellent tool for testing a new space before leasing or buying, to spot potential fails in structure.

Also, it is an essential service for

  • Measuring the energy efficiency of a building or equipment

  • Visualizing and measuring thermal loses

  • Tracking, testing and repairing jammed installations with the minimum intervention

  • Testing HVAC systems for their proper functioning

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Dimitris Gerasis

Marina Bliatsiou

environmental engineer

art historian


Dimitris was born in Larissa, Thessaly, Greece, in 1982. He is a graduate of Technical University of Crete, Environmental Engineering Department and a certified SNT-TC-1A thermographer from the American Infraspection Institute.

Marina was born in Larissa, Thessaly, Greece, in 1983. She is a graduate of Ioannina University, Fine Arts and Art Sciences Department with a Master Diploma in Museology.

Together in life and work, parents of two wonderful children,  they live their motto

#engineering _meets_art


giving art value in their projects.

They don't just provide services, they offer experiences which create feelings!

About their base, Larissa city's choice is not random. Clearly, it is a place of origin, but at the same time it is a strategic point in the heart of Greece, providing immediate access to any other city in the mainland. This is an advantage for the customers based in Athens and other big cities, for the immediate service of their regional -and not only - network stores.


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Venizelou & Meletiou 3, 41222, Larissa

+30 2411170254

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